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100 to 10,000


$49 ea
Flag, pole, spike!

Plus shipping


Designs Priced as Listed
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From $49-$199
All plus shipping

Semi Custom Flags ($99-$200) are Printed when ordered,
and have a no return policy.
They are not In Stock Flags!

11.5 Ft Feather Flag

Poly-Knit 15 Ft Alum. Poles & Steel Ground Spikes

*If in CA you pay tax.


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Semi custom $120 ea

Semi custom $120 ea

Breakfast Burritos

Semi custom $120 ea

Semi custom $120 ea


Feather Flags Feather Banners Swooper Flags Poles and Spikes

Instructions... Dimples on Poles is the top of the pole. Slide the smaller pole to dimples. Clean poles weekly taking off any burrs.
If you use spinner holder or black clip, make sure flag will rotate around, leave string loose. If you take in flag each night they last longer
and you can unwrap the flag cause by shiffting winds and trucks driving by.

the best prices sales and specials on Feather Flags banners and swooper flags poles and spikes

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Our Stock Banner Flags kit come with Pole and Ground spike, Windy locations should be upgrade to our Premium Banner Flags Pole.
Others companies sell Banner Flags with a stick for the ground unlike our Banner Flag spike which is made from solid steel.
If you are going to spend money on Banner Flags get the best from us order online.

Warranty: There is no expressed warranty for feather flags except for manufacturer defects.
1 year warranty on workman ship of sewing and hardware, with common sense care. Take all flags down before storms.

General Return Policy - We have subsized the shipping, returned products will be charged the balance of our shipping costs as well as a 15% restocking fee.
Used products cannot be returned. Products must be new in original packaging.

Custom Flags and Semi Custom Designs -are non-returnable.

*Guaranteed to Beat All Competitors Prices, (stock flags) if not call us*. Guarantee is for competitors, not our brokers who sell flags bought wholesale from our warehouse.
Retail Priced Flags less than 30 qty, does not include companies offering wholesale prices.
Does not include Ebay competitors they buy and sell from their bedroom or garage, and 90% of them order from our warehouse at volume discount.
And all cost must include shippng in there web page. Forward their web page to us so we can compare.
Some companies will not show us shipping until we give Personal information, those we can not match, but if you send that price after
you log into their site and send us a image of the total invoice we will beat it. Call for complete details.