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12 ft Flags that Fits Our 14 ft Pole

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Pole and Spike from $39

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This is a blank template





Single sided flags reverse read OK for small amount of words, or Clubs not Business Flags

TIP: Logos need the background dropped out for color flags, but work on white. We can Drop the background on Most Logos (extra Charge in checkout area).

TIP: We do review all Flags, and Send Proof before printing. If you just get everything on the flag we can adjust after you see proofs. Shoot us an e-mail.

TIP: There is a shapes button, you can add a shape and make it a color or leave a white area for Logo or Photos.


TIP: You can delete the background and use any design you see in program, just leave space at top and bottom for curve and cut of flag.

TIP: Images and Logos from a WEB page do not work at 28 inches wide. Avoid those images.

We have 150 design done at the following...WITH TEXT
All you do is pick the design, add to cart, checkout.

TIP: Vertical Text Help
1. Type one letter and hit return.
2. Type next letter. We will make centered on proof for you.


TIP: To rotate text..
1. Type Line
see rotation near corner of text block move cursor.

TIP: Click Add Text to see text window open, so you can change text.




Double sided flags Read Correct and Better for business....Spend the extra, worth it.

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If you have a logo, If you use a color background it will need clipping and we can do it in most cases for $20. See sample below.

If you use white background it will be OK.

Clipping option in Checkout


Travel Flags Option give you a Pole that will fits in a heavy duty canvas bag. For sports teams and taking to events.

If you find an image that does not work Email us Please, there is a lot of code here.            






Pick any of these Backgrounds add your text and logo... CLICK ANY IMAGE TO START!


Our Premium pole set for windy locations. But you must take all flags down before storms.


Yes, we show you lots of options and tell you about your product. We have been doing this for 15 years now, not just starting and learning like those other companies. And we print our custom flags here in the USA, not in China like most.

Do we give too much information? I hope we give way too much, but at least you know we know our products. Competitors read our reports, and copy or make fun of them. Let them maybe in a few years they will understand the Flag business.

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