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From 10 to 100,000 we can get you the Best Price,
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Our Flags are Made Strong. Hardware is Alumium & Steel
1. 120 gram Poly Knit (same as feather flags)
2. Rip proof sleeve.
3. Full Color printing.
4. Single sided with reverse reading on back.
5. Double Sided Printing w/complete blockout.



Volume Discount 10+

Franchises - Events - Corporate
We do Special Prices from 10 to 20,000+
Franchises we set up special order page.
Large events we discount 10+

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Any special on shipping applies to custom printed feather flags retail posted prices only and not discounted for volume, franchise, broker discount, or other
discounted prices requested or given. Offer is for UPS ground to 48 states only AK & HI will be quoted.
Nothing is free, everyone adjusts prices to give something for free. Custom Orders from China have no special on shipping. All specials can be
rescinded by not doing the flag job. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Any Special Prices will be emailed, no over the phone prices
will be honored unless received in email also. Too many people hear what they want, and may not ask the question they thing they did.

*All Prices are subject to review, we may have old dead pages where the current price is not shown.